We take pride in delivering a quality Montessori education program to all of our students. Read what everyone is saying about us!

  • “Alka’s dedication and commitment to the education of the young child has reflected in her work.  Her sensitivity and responsiveness to each child and their needs is reflected in her classroom environment and the behavior of each child. She is a rare person that not only has the ability to plan and implement a quality care program for little children but to do it in an individualized manner with respect for each child distinctly.  Alka is an asset to any early education program..

Tania (Director, HeadsUp Child Development Center, Palo Alto CA)

  • “…  Alka’s background and experience is very impressive and her attention to the individual pupil is commendable.  I am very happy to send my daughter to Alka Montessori.”

  Nitin (Parent)

  • My son has learned so much academically from counting 1 -100 by 1′s and 10′s and how a plant grows from a seed to a plant.  He loves to learn in the classroom.  I love the themes that are set for each month and the hands-on experience the kids get on each subject matter. “

Rekha (Parent)

  • “…Alka is such a warm and creative person.  She is simply a pleasure to know.  The children are very lucky to have Alka as their teacher.  She has excellent work ethics and is simply wonderful with kids.  She creates a healthy atmosphere of trust with the parents and children alike.  I can recommend her as a person and as a teacher!”

Shelly Ballard (Proprietor and Director, Ballard Montessori, San Jose, CA)

  • “The combination of Montessori teachings and love & compassion shown to my son give me such comfort.  I am continually amazed by the amount of knowledge that my son learns at school.  I know my son is being taken care of in the same loving manner that he would be if he were able to be home with me”

Kim (Parent)

  • “…I can’t list the amount of things I love about this school. In the morning my daughter always asks me what project she will be doing today and when I take her to school she wants me to leave quickly so she can start her jobs.  I want to thank Alka for nurturing and encouraging the eagerness to learn in her.”

Radhika (Parent)

  • “..Alka Montessori is being run by Alka Sharma and I am very impressed by her methods and philosophy. “

Father of Kunal (current student)

  • “…As working parents we don’t get a chance to talk to the teacher very often.  We know our son Austin’s teacher through his mouth.  He talks about Alka and what she taught him on his way back from school.  How he was sad at noon and Alka held his hand.  This is his first preschool experience and he is very lucky to have Alka as his 1st teacher.  She is such a warm, patient, loving person and my son’s preschool world revolves around her.  We are so thankful to have Alka as his teacher. “

Jennifer (Parent)