Welcome to Alka M...

Welcome to Alka Montessori Child Care Center!

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Our mission is to envision and provide better education for all children in a kind, caring and nurturing environment through the philosophy and practices of the Montessori method, with Montessori trained staff and a complete Montessori curriculum.

Alka Montessori has been a premier child care provider in the green and serene community of south bay since its establishment in the year 2006.


What We Provide

  • Preschool and Daycare
  • Toddler and Preschool Programs
  • Complete Montessori Curricula
  • Nutritious Snacks based on federal food program guidelines for children
  • Small class sizes
  • Music & Dance
  • Arts & crafts
  • Yoga for children
  • Part time and Full time programs
  • Qualified staff
  • CPR/First Aid certified staff
  • State Licensed Program

Our Philosophy

  • Our objective is to teach our kids through a fun, yet educational process so they are ready to meet the challenges of higher education and the adult world. We at Alka Montessori will encourage them to use their wits, spirits and intellects to their full potential by presenting stimulating activities that nurture their curiosity and awareness. We will prepare our kids for the future while allowing them to enjoy their childhood.
  • We feel the early years of a child's life are the most important because it is the time in which the characteristics of their personalities and self-image develop. To help the children completely grow and mature into individuals with high self-esteem and self-confidence, we must show them that their thoughts and emotions are significant to us. One way in which we accomplish this goal is by having small groups of children identify with a teacher. These teachers show love and care for the children through praise and recognition so the children feel secure. It is very important that during the learning and development process that a child feels secure about themselves and his/her surroundings. A teacher who can identify with the children is able to adapt the educational process to fit each child's needs. This special and supportive atmosphere provides a sense of self-esteem and a feeling of competence for the children.
  • Play is a very important part of learning. We create special activities that develop physical and mental coordination and growth. Play is not as simple as it sounds.
  • Our program of play will develop the ability to invent, imagine, organize, test and discover. It is the best way to learn important cognitive skills and concepts. It is also a way in which the children learn to share, cooperate and empathize with others. Our children learn to create and sustain relationships, which is also imperative in order to be socially fit. We create an atmosphere where learning is fun and educational which gives the children a positive outlook on future learning. We emphasize academics through letter, shape and color and number recognition to encourage early reading skills. Love and caring for others is also emphasized.
  • With these elements the children learn to become self-confident, self-reliant and competent adults.