Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Full Day School Program.

 8:00- 9:00     School Opens, Free Play Time

 9:00-9:30      Snack Time/Restroom/Wash Hands

 9:30-10:00    First Circle Time, (Montessori Job Presentation, Calendar, Weather)

10:00-11:00   Work Periods (Individual Montessori Work, Coloring and Writing)

11:00-11:15     Topic of the Month (e.g. Food Groups, Manners, Community Helpers, Etc.)

11:15-11:30     Clean Up Classroom/Restroom/Wash Hands/Diaper Change

11:30-12:00    Lunch Time                                                                                                                                      Free Choice*:  Music / Yoga / Seasonal Topics / Cooking Project

12:00-12:30    Playground Time/Part-time kids leave                                                                                      Thursday:Sharing Day

12:30-12:45    Restroom/Wash Hands/Set up Bedding                                                                                  Friday: Yoga

12:45-2:30      Nap Time                                                                                                                                         Tuesday & Thursday: Story time with Sandy

 2:30-3:00      Cleanup Bedding/Restroom/Diaper Change                                                 

 3:00-4:00      Music and Movement/Story Time/Sharing/Yoga/Indoor Games                                                       

 4:00-4:30      Snack Time

 4:30-5:30      2nd Circle Time/Individual Montessori Jobs/Writing

 5:30-6:00      Playground/Pick kids from Play Yard