About Us

About Us


Alka Sharma: Founder, Director and Head Teacher Alka is a member of the American Montessori Society and a certified Montessori Teacher.  She is certified in Early Child Development and has a Graduate Degree in Child Psychology and Education.  She also has over 8 years of current teaching experience in large preschools as Head Teacher.  Her work experience includes working as Head Teacher at Ballard Montessori; Head Teacher at HeadsUp Montessori and Director at Lakeview Montessori.  For the past five years she is running her own facility and is the Head Teacher at Alka Montessori.  She brings her considerable knowledge and learning to educate her students and help them develop and grow as individuals.

Small Class Approach

Our philosophy is that the preschool for a child must be an extension of his home – warm, loving and safe – where his mind is encouraged to explore and learn.  The school is not a factory that will churn out identical packages with strict measurable metrics.  We distance ourselves from the large school setup where the uniqueness of the pupil is blurred.  Our approach views the school as a foundation that allows growth and learning of each child as an individual.  Over the past years; students from our program have been at par or ahead in reading, writing and math skills when compared to their peers from different programs.  But more than that, our students have been equipped with essential skills for a lifetime of achievement and learning.  Learning driven from the inquisitive mind and achievement through self-motivation.

Our Method

At Alka Montessori we use a complete Montessori curriculum to teach our students.  The method principally comprises of using Montessori philosophy, tools, and materials and augmenting them with a few conventional learning methods and tools.  This enables us to ensure that our students are well prepared for continuing their learning in conventionally taught public grade schools.

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