4 - 5+ years

4 – 5+ years

Programs Available

Full Day: 8:00 – 6:00 pm.

Half Day: 8:00 – 12:30 pm

3 days/week & 5 days/week

Two Snacks included in both programs.

Language Arts:

  • Hear and identify sounds in words, especially rhymes, syllables, beginning or ending consonants, and blends
  • Know most sounds for consonants and easy-to-hear vowel sounds
  • Recognize and write some high frequency words
  • Understand most concepts about print, such as what letters and words are and how they are defined by space on a page
  • Write most letters in the proper direction and in standard form
  • Use familiar words to figure out unfamiliar words in reading and spelling
  • Begin using simple resources, such as word walls and word lists
  • Exposure to a variety of expressions of language – poetry, fairy tales, song lyrics, classics, haiku, and fiction and nonfiction


  • Master 1- 30 (quantity and quality)
  • Recognize and copy patterns
  • Introduction to measuring and graphing
  • Basic number operations
  • Introduction to fractions
  • Introduction to money
  • Introduction to time

Practical Life

  • Build concentration, order, focus and control
  • Everyday skills through manipulative activities
  • Build small motor control, motor planning and eye hand coordination
  • Develop and build pencil grip, whole hand movement and wrist muscles
  • Learn to care for self and environment


  • Learn through the five senses
  • Discrimination of size, weight, color, smell, sound and texture


  • Physical-land and water forms
  • Continent Maps/ Globe
  • Learn about different cultures- food, clothing, language
  • Learn what animals live in other countries
  • Learn the physical make-up of other countries


  • Botany
  • Zoology- life cycles and habitat
  • Geology
  • Seasons/ Weather
  • Magnets
  • Solar System


  • Rhythm and movement


  • Create and experiment with different art mediums.


  • Beginner Basic Yoga Poses – Downward dog, cobra, pretzel etc
  • Concept of breathing deeply, stretching and relaxing the body