2.5 - 4 years

2.5 – 4 years

Programs Available

Full Day: 8:00 – 6:00 pm.

Half Day: 8:00 – 12:30 pm

3 days/week & 5 days/week

Two Snacks included in both programs.

Practical life:

  • To help the child become independent
  • To enable him to correlate his own physical, psychic and moral desires:



    • Physical desire to move and exercise growing limbs
    • Psychic – to perfect the movements
    • Moral – to become useful and helpful to the other
  • To initiate in the child respect and love for any work
  • To help the child to perform the activities of daily life with joy, skill, and grace through which he is attaining perfection
  • To help the child on the road to his faster normalization
  • Practical life includes preliminary exercise, motor skills, care of self, care of environment, grace and courtesy


  • Sensorial materials allow for individual work and repetition, and allow children to classify their sensorial impressions in an organized, orderly, and scientific manner. They have a built in control of error, which builds in the child the habit of working independently, without fear of making mistakes, becoming comfortable in the fact that errors are essential to the process of learning
  • Sight (cylinder blocks, knobbed cylinders, pink cube tower, broad stair and knobless cylinders, size and colors (primary and secondary), binomial and trinomial cubes, shapes of the Geometric Cabinet – presentation tray, constructive  triangles – triangular, rectangular, large and small hexagonal boxes and geometric solids and bases for geometric solids
  • Touch (Rough and smooth board, tablet and fabric boxes)
  • Smelling (smelling jars)
  • Taste (tasting solids)
  • Sound (sound cylinders and bells)
  • Stereo Gnostic sense

Language Arts:

  • Oral language development with stories , poems and songs
  • Identify all the letters and initial sounds
  • Identify sounds in words
  • Identify beginning sound
  • Identify ending sound
  • Trace letters in correct form and in direction
  • Enrichment of vocabulary by object to object and object to picture matching
  • Classification
  • Learn opposites and things that go together
  • Tracing and writing names


  • Number rods
  • Sand paper numbers
  • Spindle box
  • The counter game
  • Memory game
  • Master 1-30 (quantity and quality)
  • Introduction to decimal system
  • Teen boards
  • Ten boards
  • Introduction to clock


  • History (week, months and seasons)
  • Geography – land and water forms
  • Continents and countries
  • Food, clothing, language and traditions around the world


  • Life cycles of plant and animals


  • Music and movements


  • Spanish – Counting
  • Hindi – Counting, colors, days of the week